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Multatuli - pseudonym of Eduard Douwes Dekker (1820-1887) - is considered the most important writer in the Dutch language area. His influence on Dutch literature, colonial politics, feminism and the labor movement has been groundbreaking. The Multatuli Society wants to keep the interest in this writer and thinker alive by publishing on his complete work and correspondence and all documents (such as texts, images, archives) relating to him digitally and in conjunction. The website is suitable for researchers as well as for those who are introduced to Multatuli here.


The realization of this project will take place step by step. At this moment all the independent publications of Multatuli are available, all surviving correspondence (approx. 5000 letters), a biography (by Dik van der Meulen) and the complete Multatuli Archive digitized for this website (property of the Multatuli Society and preserved by Allard Pierson, The Collections of the University of Amsterdam).


In addition, the website contains a Multatuli Encyclopedia, a Multatuli Atlas, a Multatuli Lexicon and access to a large amount of secondary literature. Where possible, reference is made to previously digitized works and documentation, such as can be found at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (the Digital Library for Dutch Letters and Delpher) and the Huygens Institute.


The colophon lists all persons and institutions that have contributed to date. We can use the help of experts and interested parties to create a complete picture of Multatuli's work and life course. Anyone who has documents - letters, images or secondary literature - that should not be missing here or who otherwise wants to contribute to (financially or in kind), is cordially invited to report to the editorial team of the website. Inaccuracies or suggestions for improvement can also be passed on to the editors.


This website is an initiative of the Multatuli Society. By becoming a (tax-friendly) donor you support the work of the Multatuli Society and you ensure the maintenance of this website.


At the top of every page of this website, parts of the Multatuli Collection - letters, documents, manuscripts, photographs, images and more - are displayed to give an impression of the richness and variety of that collection.



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